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Different Materials of Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Before you consider buying shutters, you will definitely search the web for information. This blog will introduce different materials of plantation shutters to give you a clear understanding.

Types of Plantation Shutters

Wood Shutters

Various timbers are available including Basswood, Kiri and Poplar, the ones made of basswood, which have the advantage of being very light-weight and equally as strong. Wood shutters need to be re-finished and re-varnished from time to time in order to keep them up to standards.

Wood shutters are not affordable choice options and they lack the waterproof quality of both PVC and composite shutters. But wood shutter is more stronger than vinyl, and easily molded into different shapes or designs.

Composite Plantation Shutters

Composite shutters are often called fake wood or faux wood as they are made from manufactured wood which is produced from MDF (medium density fiber boards), and then covered with vinyl or a PVC layer. Because of that blend, composite plantation shutters have the same structural integrity as wood shutters, it also has the waterproof, humidity-resistant qualities of vinyl.

Comparing with wood shutters, composite shutter is cost-effective and low maintain;

composite shutters can’t be re-varnished once they’re fit.

PVC Shutters

If you have a low budget for buying shutters, you can choose PVC shutters, which are much cheaper than wood shutters. Vinyl is durable, able to resist scratches, humidity, moist weather and water. PVC shutter is lightweight, so it is not best suited to covering larger windows without dividing rails to help provide additional structure to the material, it can be great for small windows.

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium is a relatively strong material that becomes an alternative to outdoor choice.

Span wide areas with a single panel, add locks for security. Durability, great closure and look just like timber shutters. Standard designer colors, custom powder coat colors or wood grain look.

Alycore Plus PVC Shutters

The Alycore Plus PVC Shutter has a unique co-extruded internal aluminium core that reinforces the structure of the shutter.

Alycore Plus PVC shutters blends the strength, stability and precision of man-made materials with the beauty, character, and elegance of real wood. More durable, energy efficient, and low maintenance compared to wood shutters. The engineered HSPVC polyvinl material resists yellowing, weathering and corrosion. HSPVC polyvinyl material insulates better than any wood shutters. Kresta Alycore Plus PVC Shutter offers all the benefits of PVC with the look of real wood.

Which type is the best fit for your home?

In short, your budget determines which material you choose, and each type of plantation shutter has its own strengths and weakness. In Australia, most people also choose outdoor awnings to block the strong sunlight.

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