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Benefits & Weaknesses of Café Awnings

The Paris Café Blind has many strengths and weaknesses which should be explained to the customer. Pointing out the weaknesses can help determine if the Paris Café awnings meets the customer’s expectations.

Focusing on the lifestyle experience, what the Paris Café Blind offers, may well overcome a lot of these issues.

Features & Benefits

  1. Features:  75mm Clear PVC Plastic
    Benefits :  Provides an alternative to glass windows.
  1. Features:  Fully enclosed product
    Benefits :  Allows indoor lifestyle to extend outdoors. Protection for outdoor areas from wind and sun.
  1. Features:  Commercial application
    Benefits :  Used extensively by restaurants, it allows them to extend seating.
  1. Features:  Optional Valance
    Benefits :  The valance provides extra protection from the elements. The Café Blind is available without the valance however a gap of at least 150mm will be obvious at the bottom. Customer must be made aware.
  1. Features: Colour Co-Ordinated Hems, Zips, Tracks, rope
    Benefits : ives the blind a completed, stylish finish.


  1. Dimensionally unstable. PVC will shrink and stretch with the seasons. This is why there are size limitations.
  2. Permeable membrane so the plastic can go milky.
  3. Fabric can easily scratch. It is not GLASS so care is required when moving around this product.

Size limitations

Max width: 3500MM
Max drop: 3000mm
Min width: 600MM
Min drop: 600MM

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